Past event: In C

Aurora Orchestra concludes the year-long Minimalism Unwrapped project with a programme which looks back at composers featured prominently over the past twelve months whilst also blazing a trail in completely new musical directions.  The first half of the concert features landmark works by Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt alongside a dazzling gem from one of the brightest stars in the firmament of contemporary American composition, Nico Muhly (Motion’s spiky lines were described by BBC Music Magazine in a 5-star review as “a dish of cardamom ice cream: spicy, cool and refreshing”).

At the heart of the programme sit two epoch-making works in C major. From its startling opening chord, Beethoven’s first symphony announced itself to the composer’s contemporaries as the work of a trailblazer, and marks the first footstep in a journey that would transform the landscape of orchestral music. Alongside it Aurora presents Terry Riley’s radically, brilliantly simple In C – one of the defining cornerstones of the minimalist canon, and a work which – like Beethoven’s over 150 years earlier – represents iconoclasm, fearlessness and explosive beginnings. Be prepared to be transported beyond your seat (literally) as this extraordinary work bursts out of the confines of Hall One and into the Kings Place atrium…

Please note that the end of the second half of the concert concludes with a brief performance in the Kings Place Atrium space outside Hall One. Please advise the Kings Place box office in advance if you have any special access requirements.

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