Soar with a pterodactyl, dance with a stegosaurus and rediscover your inner child. Experience one of Aurora’s groundbreaking, immersive children’s concerts, reimagined for grown-ups (no kids allowed).

As the lights go down in Hall One, we move across to Hall Two to grab a drink and settle in for a revelatory late-night series. Curated by Aurora Principal Players, each intimate and informal performance takes you on a journey of musical discovery across diverse genres and art forms. Expect eclectic musical encounters that unfold in new and surprising ways, from entering otherworldly dimensions in electronic music to learning the steps to a rip-roaring hoedown to meeting a pterodactyl in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Doors open – 9.15pm
Music begins – 9.45pm
Bar service available throughout

NB seating is limited and cannot be booked in advance.

Part of The Lock-In series at Kings Place

This event is preceded by Mozart’s Piano: The Kaleidoscope

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