Past event: The Lock-In: Party in Vienna

“Combining the raucous energy of an impromptu pub session with the style and sophistication of the concert hall, ZRI’s unique and endlessly captivating performance had our festival audience raring for more.” – Cambridge Summer Music Festival

ZRI stands for ‘Zum Roten Igel’, the name of the major concert venue in Vienna in Schubert’s time but also of the tavern just behind it. Co-founded by Aurora’s Principal Viola Max Baillie, the ingenious ZRI have reimagined works by Brahms, Schubert, Mahler and Mozart to include clarinet, santouri (cymbalom) and accordion as well as traditional folk melodies.  In a programme that promises intense fervour, raw beauty and tremendous energy, this performance will transport you to the musical melting pot that was the ZRI tavern, where bands played and composers caroused into the night.

Grab a glass and settle in for an experimental late night series that allows audiences to get up close with and even become part of live performances in unique and playful ways. Curated by Aurora’s principal players, the Lock-In features an eclectic mix of our principal player’s favourite music and guest artists. Step inside and be prepared to let go.

Doors open – 9.45pm
Music begins – 10.15pm

NB seating is limited and cannot be booked in advance.

Part of The Lock-In series at Kings Place

This event is preceded by Mozart’s Piano: Vienna, City of Dreams

The Lock-In Series 2017 is supported by The Radcliffe Trust



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