Past event: The Lock-In: Play what you see

Jessie Maryon-Davies presenter
Principal players of Aurora Orchestra

Featuring works by Bach, Cardew, Oliveros & Berberian

Immerse yourself in the beautiful, baffling, brilliant world of the graphic score. In an evening that questions the very notion of what it mean to place sounds on a page, we will be asking both principal players and audience to relinquish any notion of musical limits or safety, and simply ‘play what you see.’

Grab a glass and settle in for an experimental late night series that allows audiences to get up close with and even become part of live performances in unique and playful ways!  Curated by Aurora’s principal players, the Lock-In features an eclectic mix of our principal player’s favourite music and guest artists. Step inside and be prepared to let go.

Doors open – 9.45pm
Music begins – 10.15pm

NB seating is limited and cannot be booked in advance.

Part of The Lock-In series at Kings Place

This event is preceded by Mozart’s Piano: Mad Rush

The Lock-In Series 2017 is supported by The Radcliffe Trust



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