B minor mass

The B-minor Mass is performed at Kings Place for the first time by Aurora Orchestra with a world-class team of soloists and one of the UK’s finest mixed-voice chamber choirs.

Road Trip

2014 opens with a journey across America in the sublime company of Aaron Copland, Charles Ives, and John Adams.

Chopin Preludes & Waltzes

Gallop or cartweel or amble or trot, steal teaspoons to get there, cast spells, hatch a plot. Uncurl your ears, loose your toes for a day and Aurora will carry you far, far away…

Brazil Tour

Aurora Orchestra performs in Belo Horizonte presenting a programme inspired by themes of paper, trees, and unfolding stories.

How Pure the Sky

Internationally-acclaimed countertenor Iestyn Davies joins us as we look heavenwards for a programme which contemplates virtue, peace, and celestial heights.

The Four Quarters

A concert of depth and sparkle, the programme includes works by Ravel, Mozart and Adès.

KlezMahler – Brighton Festival

Klezmer – klezma – klezmah – klezmahler. What happens when the adventurous Aurora Orchestra teams up with Britain’s best Klezmer and Balkan band?

Mahler Symphony No. 1

Aurora Orchestra takes one of the mightiest of all symphonies – Mahler’s First Symphony – and performs it in a new chamber orchestra arrangement by Aurora’s Arranger-in-Residence, Iain Farrington.