Trad. Two Sisters
Mahler (arr. Iain Farrington) Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
Nico Muhly The Only Tune
Du Yun Where We Lost Our Shadows (world premiere)

Jennifer Johnston mezzo-soprano
Ali Sethi voice
Sam Amidon voice/guitar
Shayna Dunkelman percussion
Nicholas Collon conductor
Khaled Jarrar film


The wayfarer, the migrant, the refugee: we embark on a journey through time and space in the company of those that walk the face of the earth.

Roaming across musical genres and art forms, the latest instalment in our groundbreaking Orchestral Theatre series features mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnston, Pakistani qawwali singer Ali Sethi, American folk artist Sam Amidon, and Palestinian filmmaker Khaled Jarrar.  Staged as part of New Music International festival at Southbank Centre, the programme is co-curated with the Pulitzer-prize winning American composer Du Yun, whose eclectic voice is one of the most distinctive and exciting in today’s musical landscape.

Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer evokes a timeless narrative of travel, longing, hope, dispossession and love. Many of the same themes course through Du Yun’s new work Where we lost our shadows, refracted through prisms both contemporary and ancient: from the plight of today’s Syrian refugees to the qawwali vocal tradition of South Asia. And if the movement of people across the globe is an age-old story, so too is the constant movement and re-invention of their songs: folk singer Sam Amidon traces the ceaseless evolution of folk ballads across centuries and continents through a series of specially-created song arrangements.


Part of The Orchestral Theatre: The Claus Moser Series at Southbank Centre

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