Past events

Mozart’s Piano: Child’s Play

Sat 23 April 2016

7.30pm, Hall One, Kings Place

Aurora is thrilled to welcome Robert Levin, one of the great pianists and improvisers of our age, for a programme which explores youthful precocity, showmanship and the visceral impact of a newly-spun cadenza.

The Lock-In: The Musicircus

Sat 19 March 2016

9.45pm, Hall Two, Kings Place

As the last echoes of Peter Maxwell Davies’ iconic Eight Songs for a Mad King fade in Hall One, we surrender to glorious chaos with a participative Musicircus.

In the Court of the Mad King

Sat 19 March 2016

7.30pm, Hall One, Kings Place

This theatrical concert traces a path through George III’s reign with emphasis on the unravelling of the monarch’s mind in the latter part of his reign, depicted here by Maxwell Davies.

The Musical Memory Palace

Thu 4 February 2016

7.30pm, Various UK Venues

This concert invites audiences to take a journey in musical memory in the company of Ed Cooke, Grand Memory Master, who can memorise the order of a deck of cards in less than a minute.

The Lock-In: “1,2,3, Bach!”

Sat 16 January 2016

9.45pm, Hall Two, Kings Place

The Lock-In kicks off with an expanding feast of Bach.

‘Bach is the Father, we are the children’

Sat 16 January 2016

7.30pm, Hall One, Kings Place

Mozart’s Piano begins with a look back to the composer’s musical forbears, and in particular to the profound effect which members of the Bach family had on his life and music.

In C

Sun 20 December 2015

7.30pm, Hall One, Kings Place

Aurora Orchestra concludes the year-long Minimalism Unwrapped project...


Tue 8 December 2015

7.30pm, St. Leonard's Church, Shoreditch

Aurora presents Hans Zender’s extraordinary ‘composed interpretation’ of Winterreise, in which the original piano is replaced by a virtuosic chamber orchestra.

Relaxed Concert

Fri 4 December 2015

11.00am, Wigmore Hall

Violinist Alexandra Wood and members of Aurora Orchestra perform a diverse programme of music in a relaxed and informal environment.


Mon 30 November 2015

9.00pm, Centre de Exposiciones

Love imperilled, love broken, love betrayed – Aurora makes its debut in Mexico with a programme of music and dance inspired by the darker side of desire.