Mozart’s Piano: From Memory, In Memory

The only orchestra in the world to perform whole symphonies from memory, Aurora brings this unique and thrilling artistic style to Kings Place for the first time.

‘Bach is the Father, we are the children’

Mozart’s Piano begins with a look back to the composer’s musical forbears, and in particular to the profound effect which members of the Bach family had on his life and music.

In the Court of the Mad King

This theatrical concert traces a path through George III’s reign with emphasis on the unravelling of the monarch’s mind in the latter part of his reign, depicted here by Maxwell Davies.

Mozart’s Piano: Child’s Play

Aurora is thrilled to welcome Robert Levin, one of the great pianists and improvisers of our age, for a programme which explores youthful precocity, showmanship and the visceral impact of a newly-spun cadenza.