Tom Barber, Principal Oboe

6 October 2023

After nearly two decades with the orchestra, Tom Barber has decided to step down from his role as Aurora’s Principal Oboe. 

A man sits with an oboe on his knee. He is smiling, with his back to the camera but looking over his left shoulder.

Tom was a founding member of Aurora and has been at the heart of the orchestra since its launch in 2005. The contribution he has made to the group in that time has been enormous – not only in terms of his dazzling playing across an incredibly broad range of repertoire, but also his support for the organisation behind the scenes. This included being part of the small group of players who shared administrative responsibilities in the orchestra’s earliest years, helping to build the foundations on which Aurora’s success has been built. That Tom has managed all of this whilst also pursuing a medical career is nothing short of extraordinary, and we have been so fortunate to have him as one of our longest-serving Principal Players.  

Tom will be scaling back his playing to focus more time on other parts of his professional life. Whilst we are very sad to see him go, he could hardly have chosen a more memorable project on which to bow out – this summer’s epic Rite of Spring tour. We extend our very warmest thanks to Tom for all he has done for Aurora, and wish him every success as he takes up a new role as a consultant in a London hospital this autumn.