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In the Alps

In the Alps

Richard Ayres No. 42 ‘In the Alps’
Brahms Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68

Mary Bevan soprano
Nicholas Collon

Welcome to the Alps! For the latest instalment in the Orchestral Theatre series, Aurora presents a mountain journey which promises to be one of the musical highlights of 2017. Brahms’ famous ‘alphorn’ theme is the starting point for an adventure which includes our most ambitious memorised performance to date: the composer’s monumental first symphony, performed without sheet music or stands.

Richard Ayres offers a different perspective on mountain life with his extraordinary No 42 – In the Alps: an ‘animated concert’ which combines a virtuosic and ravishing score with elements of theatre and projected film. Mary Bevan appears as soloist for this playful, beautiful and zany piece which tells the story of a young girl stranded on top of an unclimbable mountain-top, who learns to sing from the mountain animals around her and falls in love with the distant trumpet-playing of a boy in the valley far below.

“Marvellous… Playing from memory, Aurora created an organic sense of community, dynamism and inspiration.” (David Allen, The New York Times)

This project is developed as part of The Orchestral Theatre: The Claus Moser Series at Southbank Centre. The series is generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (in memory of Sir Claus Moser), Cockayne – Grants for the Arts and The London Community Foundation, and the Hargreaves & Ball Trust.

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