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Sat 27 April 2024
7:30 pm, Hall One, Kings Place

Follow a journey taken by hundreds of thousands over the past 300 years from Scottish shores to North America. Trace the path of Celtic migrants through their shape-shifting ballads in the company of folk singers from opposite sides of the Atlantic, alongside special guest Nico Muhly.

Scottish and American cultures collide and intertwine in a programme that brings together Edinburgh-based folk singer Robyn Stapleton, Vermont-born multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sam Amidon, and New Yorker composer, conductor and arranger Nico Muhly. Traditional songs are given the 21st-century treatment, with many arrangements created especially for this project by Muhly: stories of violent sibling rivalries; a farewell to winter; a death by heartbreak; the sounds of love, travel, nature, and fratricide from the Scottish diaspora.

We welcome Robyn Stapleton for her Kings Place debut, and re-ignite a creative partnership with Nico Muhly and Sam Amidon that stretches back a decade to our award-winning 2014 album Road Trip. Music by Anna Meredith, James Macmillan and Paul Simon completes what promises to be an unmissable highlight of the Scotland Unwrapped series.