Amy Harman

Principal Bassoon

Amy Harman started the bassoon after a failed early career as a cellist. From 2010-15 she was principal of the Philharmonia and is currently a YCAT Artist, Member of Ensemble 360 and Principal of ENO and Aurora Orchestra. Career highlights include performing as a ‘flying soloist’ in Birmingham Opera’s premiere of Stockhausen’s ‘Mittwoch aus Licht’ where she performed from a trapeze suspended above the audience. When not playing Amy enjoys cooking, sleeping excessively, spending time with her cat Cheryl and drinking lovely wine.

Aurora Memory

After every Aurora project, I always say that whatever we’ve just done is my favourite! But if I had to choose I’d say the highlight has to be the first televised prom we did; Beethoven 6 from memory. It took me about five months to learn and was utterly terrifying but the performance was incredible. I’m also very proud of the two discs I’ve been part of: ‘Insomnia’ & ‘Road Trip’. I get to listen to them often as my mum has them on repeat.

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