Anahita Falaki

Concerts and Participation Manager

Anahita joined Aurora in August 2019 as the new Concerts Assistant and Librarian. Prior to this she studied Music at university, where she regularly played in chamber ensembles as a violinist and discovered a keen interest in creative learning and arts administration. Working in the Production Department, she gets stuck in with all the behind-the-scenes aspects of Aurora’s performances, from cutting glitter to cuing lights, and taking responsibility for all things library. When not working, Anahita loves to be in the audience and watch concerts, and over lockdown has discovered a passion for yoga and home-cooking.

Aurora Memory

There are so many memories to choose from but my two standout moments are the working on the staged Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique at the Proms during my first month of working with Aurora(!), and cuing the lights for our immersive performance of Beethoven 7 at the Printworks. They were both completely different but extraordinary projects to be involved in, and nothing will beat the moments stood up in the balcony at Printworks watching everyone below roar with applause at the end of each movement!