Nick Eagleton

Graphic Design

Nick Eagleton is a Creative Director at the London office of The Partners, a multi-award winning branding and design agency. For 20 years he has created internationally recognised work for some of the biggest, and smallest, clients in the world. From his days studying sculpture in Bristol he has a life-long passion for the arts and has worked on many and varied cultural projects. After working with Jerwood Visual Arts for many years in 2013 he curated their first ever graphic design exhibition, After Hours, a survey of designers’ personal work. Alongside his branding and design work he teaches creativity and idea generation as part of D&AD’s professional development programme. Nick has been on the journey with Aurora since the very beginning and has been a constant collaborator ever since.

Aurora memory

Two moments stand out – Aurora at their loudest, and their quietest. Seeing Michael Gordon’s dizzying Gotham with its extraordinary film backdrop at the Roundhouse in 2012 was overwhleming and unforgettable. At the opposite extreme were the two violins of Berio’s Duetti in the Thriller concert at LSO St Luke’s in 2011. At the end of the piece the sound was so delicate that the silence that followed was one of the deepest I have ever heard. Breathtaking music.