Simon Cox


Simon Cox

Simon has played the trumpet for longer than he cares to remember. After studying in London, he followed the well-trodden path of the orchestral musician, spending three years in Finland as a member of the Helsinki Philharmonic. His musical interests have steadily broadened however, and he now devotes much of his time to chamber music, both as a member of Aurora, and as the founder and artistic director of Septura, a brass septet which brings together some of Britain's leading musicians to redefine the brass ensemble as a serious artistic medium. He recently completed a PhD at the Royal Academy of Music, which focused on transcribing repertoire for Septura's series of recordings on the Naxos label. Away from music, Simon enjoys all the usual things: good food and drink, watching sport and films, socialising and going on holiday.

Aurora memory

When we performed our Insomnia programme in London, the trumpet was only featured towards the start, meaning I had a rare opportunity to then become an audience member at an Aurora concert. The atmosphere created was truly magical, and it was a strong reminder of how lucky we are to take part in such inspiring projects.

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Twitter: @septuraofficial

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