Mozart’s Piano Concerto Patrons

Mozart’s Piano is Aurora’s greatest adventure to date: a five-year project which for the first time in the modern era gives British audiences the opportunity to hear all 27 of Mozart’s piano concertos performed in a single intimate venue by the same orchestra. Add to that a roster of guest soloists which includes some of the great pianists of our age, and a diverse wealth of other repertoire from Bach to Birtwistle, and you have the makings of something very special indeed.

Launched at Aurora’s Kings Place home in January 2016, such an ambitious undertaking requires substantial investment, and just as Mozart was reliant on the support of benefactors to bring his concertos into existence almost 250 years ago, so too are we in need of the help of a group of 21st-century patrons to enable us to mount this unique cycle of concerts.

Our Concerto Patrons scheme invites supporters to ‘adopt’ a concerto either individually or as a group. Mozart’s Piano Concerto patronage starts from £2,500 per concerto, and in exchange for your gift you can expect:

  • A pair of tickets for the relevant concert
  • A copy of a Bärenreiter study score for the concerto, signed by the conductor and soloist
  • Name credit under the concerto listing in the concert programme
  • Name credit under the Mozart’s Piano supporters list (all series concert programmes and Aurora website during year of gift)
  • Free interval drinks for two people
  • Access to the closed general rehearsal on the afternoon of the concert

You will find full details of the scheme in our Concerto Patrons brochure, which can be viewed via the ISSUU platform above.

We hope that the idea of being part of the series will be as exciting for you as it is to us. If you would like to discuss the scheme in more detail, or to pledge your support, please contact Caroline Harris, Director of Development & Strategic Planning on +44 (0)20 7014 2804 or

Aurora gratefully acknowledges support from the following Concerto Patrons to date:

Series supporters
An anonymous patron
Nicholas & Margo Snowman

Concerto Patrons
Andrew Blankfield & Bernadette Hillman
Nicholas & Emma Hardie
David & Eleanor Harte
Emily Ingram
Irene Mackay
The Marchus Trust
Gillian & John Shakespeare
Nicholas & Margo Snowman
Suzanne Szczetnikowicz
Louis Watt