Matthew Gee


Matthew Gee

After starting his career in the opera pits of Scotland, Chile and Yorkshire, Matthew took up positions with the Royal Philharmonic and Aurora Orchestra almost simultaneously. A love for contemporary music and chamber ensemble playing grew, largely through his work with Aurora, which now makes for an interesting portfolio career alongside teaching at the Royal Academy of Music and working with the brass septet Septura. Having said all that, he would swap it in an instance to play cricket for England.

Aurora memory

The 2013 BBC Prom included Frank Zappa's rarely heard 'The Adventures of Greggery Peccary'. I loved the piece when I first heard it - really quirky, colourful writing and a bonkers storyline - but when I saw the trombone part I was in Heaven! One of the most technically challenging parts I've ever seen, with improvised passages, solo lines, it had it all!

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